Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My First Award and A Cake!!!

Hi Friends, I'm so happy to receive the first feathers in  my cap from Devi( ). Thanks a ton Devi for your kindness and encouragement.

Rules for accepting this award

Thank the person who gave you the award.
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Place a link to their blog.
Name 7 things people don't know about you.
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7 things people might not know about me:

1. Feel like I have conquered the whole world when someone comments, "You have lost weight!", and the more I lose the greedier I get.
2. A spoilsport in extreme weathers and i hate the winter.
3. At my best while shopping for clothes - my all time obsession.
4. A nocturnal when preoccupied with something creative.
5. Bring the entire place down yelling on confronting a spider. 
6. Breakfast with bhelpuri often, can have it round the clock for any number of days and never get tired of it. 
7. My Dream impossible - Fruits and fries swap places in the calorie chart and hence I indulge sinfully 24/7.

I would like to share these awards with

Sunitha and Namitha -

And to share the joy I'm posting a cake which I made for my son's Birthday.  The party theme was space and hence and a space cake.  The rockets and the astronaut are made of sugarpaste and the cake is iced with fresh cream. It is a pineapple cake, moistened with rum and sugar syrup and layered with fresh cream and cherry filling .  The yellow sugar stars are storebought.  I was in such a pathetic state of mind at that time, with a lot of things to take care of,  forgot to put a birthday message with my son's name on the cake which was later done in a haste by my hubs dear just before cutting the cake.  It was his idea to put the message on a flag.  Missed a good click of the cake as well. 


  1. Congrats Dear...gr8 cake,nicely done each and every details...

  2. Congrats !! thanks a ton for thinking about us and sharing the award :-) good knowing more about you !
    Wonderful cake...really a piece of art !!!

  3. I loved your #7... wow only if that dream came true :-) Wonderful the way you have given attention to the details.. and thanks so much for sharing the award with me!

  4. congragulations dear..thank you so much for sharing..good to hear more about you :)awesome cake..Hats off!!!

  5. hey congrats for the award..and the cake looks made it nicely...Do convey my belated b'day wishes to ur son...:)

  6. Thank you very much for passing me the award...I will collect it soon..Sorry..Actually rite now i am in Kerala, so got busy with my family..:)

  7. The cake looks super cute, dear...congrats on all ur well deserved awards!..keep rocking!

  8. Congrats on your awards . Cake looks lovely.

  9. Congrats on all your awards! You deserve them...the cake looks awesome, well done:) Belated birthday wishes to your son:)

  10. Congrats for the awards Cicily...

    The cake looks so lovely. very creative and neat one. :)

  11. I have fallen in love, with the cake that is! I so wanna make this for my son's birthday which is a good 8 months away..What a lovely theme!You are very very artistic.I am not much of a cake decorator. Is there a good book you would recommend? Seriously, after seeing your xmas and birthday cakes, i have gotten this urge to "Grow a bone" for decorating.Guess I will start with cupcakes and move up slowly.
    And, hey, congrats on your award(s).And nice to know a little about yourself. About the 7th thing, dream on!

  12. Awesome cake!!! How sweet when you say you conquer the world hearing abt ur weight loss...I used to b like this..I Gained aftr ma wedding ..and now i m trying my best to shed some weight and nothing works out..Sigh!!!..
    from the pic here,,,you r very thin maam..You are on the top of the world always....hahhahah..belated birtgday wishes to ur son..
    And hey congrats and thanx for sharing the award

  13. congratulations on your first award dear...Wish you many more to come..
    Belated birthday wishes to your son and Adipoli cake Cicily...I am sure you kid is very proud of his mom ..

  14. Hearty congratulations dear!

    What a stupendous cake, i'm amazed:)

  15. congratulation for your first awards and wish you many more... and thank you for sharing those awards with us..we are super excited and thrilled...

  16. Cool lassie, yes there's a book I follow for the basic techniques. It's 'The International school of Sugarcraft' by Nicolas Lodge. There are 2 volumes. Beginners and Advanced. I've got both. Very narrative and helpful.

  17. Thanks everyone for your comments and support.

  18. U got some nice cakes girl.....about this cake u said u frost/iced it with fresh cream, got a question does it stays well for hours i mean doesn't it get softer at room temp. Thanks in advance.